Season 1 • Episode 44

Should You Cancel Coaching Calls?

Times have changed, and the old method of bullying or pressuring someone into buying is an outdated sales technique that no longer works. Today Marc and I break down why our focus is setting yourself up with great marketing, a funnel that brings you clients matched to your mission, to show up with integrity and authenticity, and then “serve them all and let God sort them out.” This episode lays out the foundation of what we preach in COD and Millionaire Alliance. Marc shares the four levels of communication and what happens to a business when we look at the human aspect rather than just a transaction. At Clients on Demand, we enroll 40% of the prospects we speak to, and we do it at premium prices. And 95% of the time, the person we’re speaking to JUST found out about us. Listen more to find out how!

In this episode we talk about:

● What happens to a business when we look at people as a human spirit that deserves respect rather than just a transaction money and a sale.

● What separates us from every other system on this planet and the level of commitment we have to serve our fellow human authentically.

● You may intimidate someone into purchasing but when your intention is to sell your buyers, ultimately they will regret their choice and feel manipulated and bullied.

● Four levels of communication:

1. The salesperson talking at the person rather than establishing an actual connection.

2. The salesperson or enroller is asking specific targeted questions to elicit a type of response.

3. When you show up with the right intention.

4. Communication where it comes from the heart and people use their intuition that something feels right when talking to you.

● We do not give bandaids when emergency surgery is needed. We give truth, clarity, and a path out of it. It is not our job to convince or talk anyone into their freedom.

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