Season 1 • Episode 41

Overcoming Mindset Blocks, Technology Challenges, and Team Challenges!

In today’s episode we have the pleasure of talking with one of our star Millionaire Alliance members, David Newman! David is a leader in helping speakers and experts to fill their schedule and grow their speaking-based business. He is an example of what is possible and what can be done with a business when you have the right mindset, business model, and help. He shares the obstacles that presented themselves in the beginning of his business and how he overcame them. David shares why he has a “pissed off” baseline number to meet each month, the growing pains within his expansion, how to overcome a dry spell, and how COD and Millionaire Alliance helped him jump from $571K to $1,067,000 with time to take care of himself, his team, and even get a haircut in the middle of the workday!

In this episode we talk about:

● David Newman is an expert who helps speakers and consultants get more business. This includes keynote speeches, training, seminars, etc.

● He focuses on offline relationship building, helping people get out from their computer and connecting with others in the real world.

● David’s business only works with people that have the same values and high integrity that he and his team have. The outcome of serving and helping every person is extremely important to them.

● David knows they can extend the hand of help, but the actual results come from the person enrolled wanting personal and professional prosperity.

● It’s important to only preach what you have practiced already.

● David follows our four magic words: “It’s Not About You.” It’s about showing up and serving people to help them win.

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