Season 1 • Episode 40

The Four Words That Banish Fear, Self-Sabotage, and Procrastination

There are four magic words that could help shift your mindset and experience into one from fear and limitation to power and expansion. These words harness the incredible power that may lead you from a six-figure business to a seven- or eight-figure business. Join Marc and me in today’s episode and really listen in to how you can create a massive shift in the way you think about your marketing, audience, service delivery, and the way you show up. When you are hooked on the difference you are making, what opens up in front of you will be even beyond your dreams. What if it’s even simpler than you thought?

In this episode we talk about:

  • When you can speak to people where they are because you are focused on your outcome and purpose and free of fear, your results will be astounding.
  • Until you can speak your own voice and hear what your clients actually need, you will never be able to serve your true purpose.
  • The people that make a real difference are mission- and impact-driven, not money-driven.
  • “It’s Not About You.” Repeat this over and over, and get to feel in your soul that it’s about the people that you are impacting, not about you!
  • If you have great strategies but your business is stuck, you can afford to change something and learn, even if you think you already know it all.
  • Most hurdles stem from fear, self-sabotage, and procrastination.

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