Season 1 • Episode 39

How One Client Went From “Trading Time For Money” to Generating $200K in 20 Weeks!

How One Client Went From “Trading Time For Money” to Generating $200K in 20 Weeks!

Description: Today we are joined by our amazing COD client Garric Vosloo. Garric is a Physiotherapist who also is a pioneer in the field of Functional Medicine. He has tried many things and has had success and setbacks along the way, but showed up to our program coachable, resourceful, and decisive. Garric will discuss some of the biggest “aha” moments he’s had along his journey, as well as the most critical decisions that helped him to rapidly scale his business. Now a member of the Millionaire Alliance, he now has fantastic lead flow and is serving his clients in a high and dedicated manner. Now he can focus on the best outcomes for his clients rather than feeling information overload.

Garric is a great example of what happens when you show up ready and open to work with an attitude of action and follow through. He is living proof that you can have an offer that is out of the box and niche and still make an incredible impact.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our guest is Garric Vosloo, a Physiotherapist with an emphasis on Functional Medicine. Now, in COD the offer he runs is to show other Physiotherapists how to integrate Functional Medicine into their practice so that they could get better results for their clients.
  • Working with other clients to provide them with new skills and the ability to help others brings him the most pride and joy, and sets him apart in his field.
  • Garric was making a huge time investment before with little to show and found joining COD the answer to scaling quickly and efficiently with a ton of support.
  • The right balance of being productive and organized so that his clients can show up and get results without the feeling of overwhelm and information overload.
  • We look at our goals in terms of income, lifestyle, and contribution.

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