Season 1 • Episode 38

How to Set Goals For 2018 and Actually Accomplish Them… (even if you totally blew it last year)

Are your 2018 goals already slipping away from what you had hoped? In today’s episode, Jayne Jewell and I discuss how to actually achieve your goals, even if you have already fallen prey to many pitfalls. We show you how to build credibility with yourself, the difference between a hope and a goal, why people start off with a BANG and then quickly fall away, and what to do when you mess up! We also give specific habits and actions to move you closer to your goal, and to give you a steady momentum towards conquering limiting beliefs and excuses holding you back.

In this episode we talk about:

  • How to actually achieve your goals in 2018! It’s not just another year where you set some goals and they don’t happen and you don’t follow through. It’s a time to build credibility with yourself. To actually get incredible things done and to become the best version of yourself.
  • How to get back on the right track when you have veered away from your goals.
  • The difference between a hope and a goal.
  • The more specific you can get about what you DO want and DON’T want, the greater the chance of an outcome. Example: Instead of “I want more clients,” try “I want three more clients a month without having to blog every day.”
  • Why knowing “why” you want something is just as important to knowing “what” you want.
  • How to tap into your pain to use it as momentum towards taking action.
  • How to use your habits and beliefs to serve yourself.
  • Why finding a great mentor will help hold you accountable for moving forward past your pitfalls.

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