Season 1 • Episode 37

From Burnout to Quadrupling his Clients in a Year! Clients on Demand graduate Ken Bechtel

Today’s episode features Clients on Demand graduate Ken Bechtel, an expert in helping women find true and wonderful love that lasts. Ken came to COD knowing how to put together bits and pieces of his program, he knew it was time for a change after feeling burnt out from doing over 100 podcasts and 40 webinars. Since Ken is no longer spinning his wheels without consistent results, he was able to go on his FIRST vacation just for fun in 10 years! Ken shares the mindset tips and program changes that COD allowed for him to free up time and energy to best serve four times the number of clients from the previous year.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Ken helps single women who are committed to having true partnership attract and keep the best love into their life.
  • Transitioning into an evergreen program and focusing on the outcome rather than the process was key to Ken’s success.
  • Ken felt a tension and stress from putting out over 100 podcasts and 40 webinars with no guarantee of enrollments or commitment. He was doing it all piece by piece, not knowing exactly how to get the end result.
  • Ken found the COD mindset work very effective, quick and purposeful.
  • It was a night-and-day change to go from having anxiety and worry about where he could find the next client, to trusting the process and knowing that clients will consistently be showing up on his schedule.
  • You do not need to wait until you have a large list, giant Instagram following, etc. You can begin at any time.

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