Season 1 • Episode 36

Facebook’s Latest Changes – What Does This Mean for Your Business?

Last Week, Mark Zuckerberg announced changes Facebook is rolling out – effective immediately. It’s clear from his post that businesses will be greatly affected – and NOT in a good way.

So what does this mean for you and your lead generation in the future? Join us on today’s episode to find out exactly what you should do (if anything) to counteract these changes and create a plan going forward so you can still get the most out of this amazing marketing tool.

In this episode we talk about:

  • It’s more about quality and engagement rather than quantity and cranking out as much content as you can.
  • There are 3 places people engage on facebook: business pages, groups and personal profiles. We have found that engaging in groups is much more powerful than a business page.
  • Building a group is now far and away a better strategy than trying to build a business page.
  • Facebook did announce they will be rolling out group ads in the near future.

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