Season 1 • Episode 35

The Critical 5-Minute “Pre-Selling” Ritual Our ENTIRE Sales Team Practices Every Day, Without Fail…

When it comes to enrolling clients into your program, what happens BEFORE the sales process is equally as important (if not more) as what happens during. Which means, if you don’t have a daily “presale” habit that CONDITIONS your mind to succeed at selling, you are doing yourself (and your potential client who needs your help) a great disservice. What if there was a short 5-minute pre-selling practice you could adopt into your daily routine that mentally primed you for every enrollment conversation, so you can show up for, and serve each client with confidence and certainty?On this episode, Marc will discuss the pre-selling habits that he reinforces with his team every day, without fail, and WHY this ritual is such a critical (and greatly understated) element of the enrollment process.

In this episode we talk about:

  • If the process you are using to enroll is incongruent with a higher meaning, you are going to get the wrong clients and will be wasting time not serving those who need help the most.
  • Our selling system enrolls the maximum number of the right people with the minimum number of cancellations, and weeds out those who are not a fit.
  • Our goal is to serve our client with the truth, and show them if we are or are not the best solution.
  • If your lead flow is tight, you can make sure you are enrolling the right people.

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