Season 1 • Episode 34

The Daily Habits Our Team Uses To Create A Bulletproof Mindset, Avoid Overwhelm, and More Than DOUBLE Our Business Every Year!

Every daily habit you implement has the ability to either HELP your business or HURT it. Most habits become so deeply ingrained in your life that you hardly have to think about them, like taking a shower, brushing your teeth, or getting the kids off to school. BUT — instead of just “going through the motions” day after day, what if you could plant PURPOSEFUL habits throughout the day that would help you grow your business? What if these business-scaling routines became so second nature to you, that it would seem weird NOT to incorporate them into your day? On this episode, Jayne and I will reveal the TOP daily “habits” we’ve used to dramatically scale our business, create the freedom we want, and watch our clients’ lives transform in the process.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Our most successful clients are ones that have worked on their mindset without fail.
  • Usually how we feel is how we start the day. Your rituals and habits have the ability to change your emotional state and framework in order to have an amazing day and direct the way you feel and think.
  • The morning ritual is what gives you the power and authority to make magic happen. It might be tough in the beginning, but once you develop a routine and stick to it, you develop momentum and it gets easier!
  • Jayne likes changing it up between outside walking, meditation, and breathwork, then writes out what she is grateful for. She tries new things and records what makes a big impact.
  • Russ ties his morning ritual in with taking a shower, something he knows he will actually do every morning. He also starts with gratitude, starting with what he has now, and then going into feeling gratitude for what he wants.
  • When you think about the things you desire from a place of appreciation with intention rather than lack or fear, it opens up creativity and resources.

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