Season 1 • Episode 33

An Inside Look at Our Detailed $9.5M Income Report for 2017!

Have you ever come across one of the MANY business coaches out there who are quick to throw around high-income statistics and yet, they refuse to (or simply can’t) provide any solid numbers to back up their income claims? And if they do provide numbers, they shy away from sharing details on HOW they got there (usually because what they claim is either skewed, lacking integrity, or isn’t the same process they teach their clients.) If you know me and the COD team at all, you know we’re a bit of an anomaly. Instead of covering up or hiding our numbers, we WANT to share with you what works, what doesn’t and how we got to where we are today. So get ready for 100% transparency! We’re going to break down all of our numbers for 2017! I often get questions like: “What about ad spend? Payroll? Overhead?” At the end of the year, how much of our $9.5M is actual PROFIT? Jayne, Adrienne, Marc and I will be sharing our detailed 2017 Income Report for Clients On Demand. We’ll be pulling back the curtain and revealing how we generated $9.5M in revenue in last year while protecting and maintaining the freedom-based lifestyle that is so important to each of us and changing our clients’ lives along the way.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why scaling your business is all about having a system.
  • Our three goals and breakthroughs come in the form of serving our: income, impact, and freedom.
  • We can make the “pie” of winning as big as we want and there is a space for everybody to succeed.
  • We talk to people every day and don’t even make an offer to 20% – 25% of the people we talk to. We only make offers to help people grow their business when we are 100% sure we can help them.
  • There is a price either way — you can either pay for great people or you can pay for the loss in revenue by not hiring the right people.
  • Sometimes taking action can be scary, but none of us on the team would be where we are if we didn’t step out and take a leap of faith with action towards achieving our dreams and goals.

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