Season 1 • Episode 32

The EXACT Number of Leads You Need to Make 6-7 Figures in 2018

I recently asked you, “How Many Leads Does It Take To Get To $100,000/mth?”

Over 100 people chimed in with ALL different answers and comments: Some of you had a specific number… Some said “it depends”… And some of you had different ideas for how to get that number… The truth is, hitting 6-7 figures in 2018 (even if you’re just starting from scratch) is 100% in your control IF you know your exact numbers.

In this episode, Adrienne and I will cover: 

  • Our “backwards” numeric process that we use to ensure that we hit our income goals each month.
  • We’ll break down mathematically the specific number of leads you’ll need to hit both 6 figures, and 7 figures over the next 12 months
  • What kind of offers you can charge high-ticket for
  • Identifying leaders/mentors that are not the real deal
  • How many clients you need to hit your specific goal
  • How to have predictability in your business
  • A deep dive into your yearly AD spend
  • Determining how many people you need to talk to on the phone for someone to say “YES”.
  • Building an attractive funnel to bring in your ideal clients

Mentioned in This Episode:

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