Season 1 • Episode 31

The Three Hidden Threats to Your Success in 2018… and How To Fix Them Before It’s Too Late

Does the approaching New Year inspire you to roll up your sleeves and make some great strides in your business? If you’ve made some lofty business goals for 2018 — BE ADVISED — you’ll need to arm yourself against the HIDDEN threats that can squash your progress before you even start. Join Jayne Jewell and me as we expose three of the most dangerous “unseen” threats you need to watch out for when building and scaling your business in 2018. We will also share how to disarm each of these threats, so they’ll no longer do damage to your business or stand between you and achieving your goals.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Humans are meaning-making machines. Anytime something happens we are always creating meanings to an emotional event that is important and of value to us.
  • We can either create empowering stories for an event or create disempowering stories around the event. The challenge is that many of us are in a pattern of creating disempowering stories of why something won’t work.
  • When looking at your mindset, you want to make sure you aren’t making up a story to sabotage yourself. There is a piece of data or fact that happened, but once you add in the other “made up” stuff in your mind, it all becomes real to you.
  • The story you are choosing can either empower or disempower you. This story determines how you show up in the world and what your level of ability to serve is.
  • You want to get clarity on what the outcomes you desire are, a powerful vision of what your “why” is, and a real solid plan to follow.
  • At COD our success in business is broken down in three ways: income, freedom and lifestyle, and impact.
  • The quickest way to move forward and achieve is to find someone who is getting the outcomes they/you want and it will accelerate your own personal growth.

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