Season 1 • Episode 30

The Skill Gap That’s Costing You $50K/Month or More… And How to Close It

Have you ever wondered how much it’s actually COSTING you to NOT have your sales skills sharp? When it comes to enrolling targeted leads into your premium service/program how many clients should have said “YES!” but instead, you heard “I’ll have to think about it,” or “I don’t have the money?” What if you could CLOSE that skill gap, and start generating the THOUSANDS of dollars that has (until now) been left on the table every single month? On this episode, Marc and I will share the TRUTH behind why most people struggle to master the art of sales.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why your fear of sales is costing you enrollments, wealth, and invisible sales.
  • How most people compensate with upping their ad spend money or chasing clients when their system is ineffective.
  • Solutions for a peaks-and-valleys-type income pattern. This is a symptom of ineffective sales, and enrolling the wrong clients.
  • The stricter we get on who we enroll at COD, the better the results. When people understand that you are coming from a place of integrity, they know the commitment they need to bring.
  • People want an advocate and someone who is in their corner. They want to know that you are for real and looking out for them.
  • If you don’t have the ability to have a simple and laid back conversation with a potential client that ends with a “yes” from everyone, that is costing you $50,000 a month and possibly more.

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