Season 1 • Episode 29

The Secret to Commanding Premium Prices!

There is no marketing that can cover up a bad sales strategy! The old traditional sales tactics of rude behavior and bullying tactics are outdated, and here at Clients on Demand we only accept incredible salespeople with high integrity. In today’s episode, Marc and I explore what he has done to build a great program where the focus is on serving the client, fun, and sustainability. Learn how to enroll the right people, weed out those that don’t serve you or your company and why charging a premium price leads to a deeper commitment and trust.

In this episode we talk about:

  • COD’s focus on how to best serve the client, and if we have the right solution for their problem.
  • If you have an online business you cannot outmarket a bad sales strategy.
  • The so-called experts that made their money being rude with a bully approach will not work anymore.
  • Our mission of serving our clients with high integrity leads to better enrollment, almost no cancellations, lower marketing costs, and fun which leads to sustainability.
  • One of the reasons COD exists is to help those undervaluing the help they can give to others.
  • Enroll the right people, serve them with high integrity, and charge a premium price.
  • Money is just a score sheet of the value you are creating in the world.

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