Season 1 • Episode 26

Stop Selling and Start Serving!

When you pick up the phone and start dialing the number for a sales call, dozens of thoughts can instantly enter and swim around in your head. What if just ONE simple shift happened before and during that call? What if a simple tweak took away all those thoughts, or at least as many as possible? On this episode, Marc and I will break down the #1 element our 7-Figure clients are doing differently with their enrollment calls that are creating such an enormous impact.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The common fears that plague our clients and the core fear that constantly arises in sales calls.
  • How mastering a sales call can make a difference of up to 10 times your business per year, even possibly more.
  • When the fear of coming across as greedy can hold you back from charging a premium rate.
  • The three most important thing to master: the correct price, how many conversations are you willing to have with your clients, and how many will you enroll in your program.
  • The old tactics of high pressure and stressful sales calls focused solely on transactions is outdated and the cause of a lot of call reluctance.
  • Authentically focusing on what the clients need and how you can help them is the solution to getting yourself and others in a direction towards their dream.
  • When you stop focusing on selling and start focusing on serving, it lessens the needs for fancy closing language, it eliminates call reluctance, and you get better results in less time with clients ready to get results.

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