Season 1 • Episode 25

The Four Toxic Thoughts That are Killing Your Business

Does it seem like every day there’s another 7-Figure earner popping up, while you’re still spinning your wheels? Does some small part of you wonder: “If all these other people can grow their business, WHY is it so difficult for me to hit my goal?” What are THEY doing that’s so different and effective that you’re not?

Here’s what most Entrepreneurs DON’T realize: if you’re struggling to grow your business, TOXIC thoughts are almost ALWAYS a major culprit. Poisonous thoughts can crush a business before it ever gets off the ground — and keep it from growing. Today, Jayne and I will be revealing four KEY mindset differences of those who earn seven figures or more, from those who don’t.

In this episode we talk about:

  • What are the TOP entrepreneurs doing differently with their mindset? Playing the competition game, worrying about the other people in your space, and looking at others instead of your own value is a big roadblock to success. Competition is there to keep us on our toes and remind us to push ourselves to get the results with the most successful program.
  • The belief of not feeling good enough is something almost all human beings have to deal with and have the tools to overcome and rise above.
  • Focusing too much on ourselves and our insecurities is a waste of time and energy towards people that need your skills to help them.
  • Money is just a measure of the value you are creating in the world.
  • When you are in a state of doubt, it starts leaking to all different areas of your life. What goes on in your business is a reflection of your internal beliefs.
  • What is causing others to accelerate so quickly, while it feels like your business has one foot on the brakes?
  • What’s true doesn’t mean that is forever. As hard as it may seem, distinguishing truth from belief is very important. Your beliefs will become the filter to any of the meanings that happen throughout your life.
  • What are the “top-offender” TOXIC beliefs that they have shifted away from that many business owners still unknowingly cling to?

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