Season 1 • Episode 24

Busting the Myths of Charging a Premium Price and Getting Maximum Results with Lydia Wente

Lydia Wente has built one of the best coaching programs we have ever seen and she is not in the online marketing space, either. Right now, she is making a stunning income and works only a few hours per week running her program. Most importantly, she is getting some STUNNING, life-changing outcomes for her clients. In today’s episode, Lydia shares how she repackaged her eight-week program that helps women become free from destructive eating habits and patterns. Now, she has a handpicked process to find exactly the type of clients she has always dreamed of.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Once she joined COD, she repackaged her eight-week program and followed the methods step-by-step before launching it at a higher premium price.
  • In her first four weeks, she expanded her income and business by 60X.
  • At a higher price point, she finds her clients are more apt to commit and she is able to create real impact and breakthroughs with them.
  • She appreciated the whole team at COD helping support and strengthen her mission, along with helping her deal with problems and challenges.

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