Season 1 • Episode 23

The Weirdly Ironic Things 7-Figure Earners are Doing That You Probably Aren’t

Have you ever observed Entrepreneurs who are experiencing the SAME kind of major successes that you want for your business? On one hand, it’s incredibly motivating and inspiring to watch people who have worked REALLY hard to hit their goal … but for many (if you get really honest with yourself), it can also leave you with an ounce of frustration if you aren’t celebrating the same success just yet. You’ll see that, for the most part, million-dollar earners have made a few basic tweaks to how they are operating their business … and these ironically basic tweaks have made all the difference. Listen to Marc and me, in today’s podcast, to learn what 7-Figure earners are doing in their business that you probably aren’t.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Why conventional wisdom is always wrong and doing what may have worked seven years ago doesn’t work perfectly today. It’s a new market where clients expect more and expect results even quicker.
  • The importance of focusing on service. The more you put your focus on serving your customer and client, the more you help both them and yourself along the path of service.
  • The integrity of your outcome needs to match the type of clients you are seeking. If you want the best clients, be sure that you are acting in integrity 100 percent of the time.
  • Even if it seems crazy to others, following your own path and holding firm to your own calling is all that matters.
  • Focusing on things that empower you, when they are scary or daunting, is part of the process of success.
  • Find yourself a great mentor or coach who has navigated their own landmines throughout the way. They can help you learn to overcome fear, make new changes, and focus on the next steps crucial to building your business.

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