Season 1 • Episode 21

How we earn back $10-15 for every $1 we spend on Facebook

Adrienne Richardson, our Director of Lead Flow at Clients on Demand, joins me today for a talk all about Facebook advertising dollars. When it comes to your ad spends, does it seem like you’re throwing spaghetti at the wall, and waiting to see if anything sticks? Do you feel like you should be getting MORE of a return for the amount that you’re spending, day in and day out? In this episode, we talk about the #1 REASON WHY Clients On Demand was able to scale to 7-Figures so quickly: our 15X FB ROI funnel.

In this episode we talk about:

  • You can keep your business very simple and high-impact and build a 7-Figure business with just two offers.
  • We have been able to build and sustainably maintain a 10-15X FB ROI over the period of four years.
  • We advise clients to spend different amounts on Facebook advertising according to the budget, but our average client spends about $40 – $100 a day.
  • One of the biggest advantages when only running two offers is that you can keep your ad spend lower, and track and identify weaknesses to fine tune the ads.
  • It also allows you to have a simpler funnel and fewer steps where you may lose someone in the signup process.
  • The critical decision you make to keep your offer simple results in saving you money for your ad spend by needing fewer leads.
  • Having fewer clients in a simpler way allows you to make a bigger impact and higher transformation for your own clients.
  • Why you shouldn’t make your business dependent on joint ventures or referrals.
  • What you base your program on is the value of the outcome you can deliver for your clients.

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