Season 1 • Episode 20

How An Incredible Women’s Empowerment Coach Built a 6 Figure Empire

Our client Vanessa reveals how she built a KICK ASS 6-figure per month business — what went right, what went wrong, and what YOU can learn from all of it! We talk to Vanessa about how she grew her business, met her goals and then some, and now is successfully empowering her team and staff daily. She is consistently expanding her mindset and now has the freedom to dedicate more support to her clients.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Vanessa runs a women’s empowerment company. They have an eight-week boot camp and a year-long mastermind program. They work on sales, mindset, visibility exercises, and how they could show up as an expert.
  • She did the COD program in 2013 and recently reached back out to join the Millionaire Alliance in September. She went from $25K – $50K in one month and $50K – $90K the next month.
  • Her business went from a 12-month hands-off program with no support to a higher-priced condensed eight-week boot camp with plenty of support and structure.
  • Why it’s important to sell it before you create it, and scale it from there. The best model is a simple one.
  • She currently has four salespeople on the team and is grateful for being pushed past her comfort zone of successfully managing people.
  • It’s about stepping into the best and most evolved person you can be. That is where the external outcomes are produced.

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