Season 1 • Episode 18

A Passion for Love! Violet Lange: Love/Relationship Coach

Violet Lange is a love/sex/relationship coach who is absolutely killing it in her coaching business. Four months ago she was stuck in low-ticket, content-marketing hell. Listen here to learn how she broke free and did more in 10 weeks than she had all year!

In this episode we talk about:

● Violet is an Executive Coach with an MBA from Harvard and was financially struggling before she embarked on the COD program. She was doing all the work but the clients weren’t showing up.

● She was originally drawn to COD by the integrity of the program and knew she needed to take a different route than what she was previously offering as a program.

● Violet knew her program could empower and provide service to many people through her own experiences and extensive knowledge of the dating world.

● The difference between coaching mode and selling mode was an important skill for Violet to learn and structure her program.

● A mindset shift was one of the biggest factors that changed Violet to believing what she could offer for a high-ticket price.

● Violet has enrolled 16 people and has even upped her rates. When you are talking about something as powerful as finding the love of your life, that is one of the biggest investments and decisions one can make.

● Due to how hands-on she is with her clients and the freedom of time she has to work with them, they find their results quicker.

● Her website traffic alone went up from 3 leads a year to 20 leads a week.

● The community and network of the program provided a feeling of support.

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