Season 1 • Episode 17


Do you seek more freedom and leverage in your life? The difference between someone out in the world winning and creating a large impact and someone just dreaming and struggling can be the difference of a few small tweaks. In today’s episode, Marc and Jayne join us to help you achieve your outcome and get unstuck from the ‘one day’ mentality. We give you some daily habits and rituals to get you there, the price of failure vs. the price of success, and the importance of acknowledging small wins along the way.

In this episode we talk about:

● How to get unstuck from the ‘one day’ mentality and why it’s important to watch who you listen to.

● The distinction between being busy and intentionally working towards your dream.

● The specifics of outcome are more important than a timeframe.

● The impossible is only impossible for people that quit their dreams or don’t have the same passion as you.

● Allow yourself to feel all the joy, gratitude, and excitement right now, rather than waiting until you get the car, house, team, etc. This will condition your subconscious towards your goals.

● When something is going in the direction of your dreams and goals, acknowledge and celebrate it.

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