Season 1 • Episode 16

Is It EASIER To Make A $5K Sale Than A $500 One?

Have you ever created a low-priced service or program, but struggled to sell it to clients? Seems strange that a low-end offer would be so darn difficult to sell… right? Here’s the interesting part: at Clients On Demand, we’ve heard this same story from many of our clients. They had already tried selling their course or service in the past. They tried to sell it for $200, $300, $400, but it was like pulling teeth to get people to say YES to their program. So you can imagine the FEAR and disbelief when we told them to RAISE THEIR RATES on their offer. When our clients started charging MORE, that’s when the sales started coming in. Join us as Marc Von Musser and I take a sales-based look at WHY it is actually EASIER to sell a $5K offer than a $500 offer.

In this episode we talk about:

  • When you command a premium price, you can massively simplify your business.
  • High prices reassure that you are the best one to get them quality results — when it’s in alignment with the value of the product. When you charge a low price you turn off the most-qualified clients.
  • It gives more skin in the game so that the client then is more accountable to the outcome.
  • One-size-fits-all programs many times don’t provide the outcome that helps and transforms.
  • Fewer clients equals more money. You can go deeper with fewer people and provide a VIP experience.
  • Our mission is to help people build business to maximize their freedom, impact, and results.
  • The key factor in winning or losing is your certainty and confidence in your belief to transform the client.
  • We can help you roll out your program and there is an actual structure to support going from low to high-ticket offers.

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