Season 1 • Episode 15

Are You WIRED For A 7-Figure Success?

When it comes to building a seven-figure-plus business, do your insecure thoughts ever hijack your brain? Do you feel confident one minute, and the next it’s as if fear jumps into the driver’s seat and takes control, leaving you helplessly along for the ride? Sure, you want to grow your business, and transform the people that you work with, but let’s get vulnerable for just a moment. Join Jayne Jewell and I as we take a deep dive into the hard-wiring mindset of those who earn seven figures or more.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The belief that you must be wired a certain way in order to earn a seven-figure-plus business. Are people hardwired for financial success and born that way, or can you learn certain qualities along the way?
  • The most important question is: are you able to actualize or materialize the outcomes you want to have happened in your life?
  • Seeing the big picture of where you want to go and what you want to create in the world is extremely important to success. Try to cultivate the ability to see what outcome it is you want.
  • It comes down to the questions we ask ourselves and the way we visualize and dream big.
  • Fear can be a signal that you are growing and out of your comfort zone. The ability to manage fear and doubt is another quality to having a millionaire mindset.
  • Taking action on both the big leaps and smaller steps on a constant basis is how you get stronger.
  • Pick one thing to start and take action on, and one person who can share their strategy and resources who can coach you through the fear and proper mindset. Getting pulled in many different directions and visions is a waste of your own money and energy.

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