Season 1 • Episode 14

How We Built A Seven-Figure Business With ONLY Two Offers!

Join us as Marc Von Musser and I pull back the curtain on our seven-figure business!

We’ll discuss why creating only two offers has been so incredibly effective, and, why it’s still the OPPOSITE from what nearly everyone else online does. And then, we’re going to do something even BETTER… I’m going to show you our actual numbers and MATH behind our two-offer strategy (and you’ll see why it blows other online marketing strategies out of the water). Let’s face it, the hard data doesn’t lie. You don’t need lots of offers. You don’t need complex funnels. You don’t need anything low-ticket.

In this episode we talk about:

● Why simple is better for you and your clients, and the downsides of a complicated funnel.

● How our two-offer strategy is more effective and works better than a program with many levels of smaller offers.

● The key to the fastest way to a seven-figure business that is transformational for both you and your clients’ lives.

● What the cost of a front-end program should be, as well as a higher-level graduate program.

● Why it’s important to own your space as an expert and how this certainty is what provides the client a real outcome they deserve.

● Phase 1 program: Start with one problem your clients have (relationship, health, web design) and create a program to help them. This program is priced between $3-$10k.

● How offering a premium program with only committed clients is the key to freedom. They will get the one-on-one attention from you and get the certainty to help with their transformation and achieving their dream.

● Every goal becomes more attainable and more reachable with a simple straightforward program.

● It’s a lot easier to achieve transformation with 10 committed clients rather than 10,000 low-ticket clients.

● Income, freedom and the impact you are making are the three key tenets of why a two-offer strategy is important for you and your business.

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