Season 1 • Episode 12

De-Mystifying Facebook Ads

On today’s show, Russ teams up with Adrienne Richardson (aka the Rainmaker) to talk about what does and doesn’t work when it comes to advertising on Facebook. Getting this right is the difference between blowing your budget and earning back $10-15 for every dollar you spend! Adrienne gives some golden advice on how to make your ad succeed on Facebook in a time when things are already saturated and about to get a lot more competitive. If you want to stand out from the crowd you need: the right audience, a focus on targeting the problem instead of the person, attention-grabbing copy describing the problem the client has and the outcome you provide, and a captivating image. Jump on in and get ready for some super insider tips on Facebook ads!

In this episode we talk about:

● Why there is no platform better than Facebook to advertise on and reach a large number of people.

● Almost everyone we have worked with found some benefit and a way to directly reach their target clients from placing Facebook ads.

● There are some changes coming up this quarter for Facebook ads — an increase in ad spend for the holidays and more advertisers than ever before, which means a greater need to stand out in the crowd. The advantage to this is that once you know how to stand out and grab attention from the audience you can rise above the noise of all others.

● The more people who are engaging, clicking, and commenting on a post, the more Facebook rewards you with cheaper clicks.

● Adrienne’s tips for Facebook advertising:

1. Use the lookalike option in your ads. This finds an audience that matches your existing criteria of your base audience. The bigger your list is, the stronger your lookalike option will be.

2. Take time to do some in-depth research on your audience on Facebook. If they have a certain problem in their business, follow where they might go to find that solution.

3. Be sure your copy is in the language of your audience, and focus on getting the click rather than counting on them to do everything asked within the ad itself.

4. Show the client that you understand what they are going through and that you can provide them the answer to their problem better than anyone else.

5. The image must pack a punch and stop people right in their tracks. Lifestyle images work best but make sure you test them.

6. In some tests that we ran, video ads didn’t convert nearly as much compared to static image ads.

● Beware of Facebook Guru’s that preach the importance of just getting views. It’s all about the clicks for people to learn more rather than just passively watching.

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