Season 1 • Episode 11

How to Scale your Business From Nothing to Thriving

Jason came to Clients on Demand with a failed online business and non-existent warm network. In a matter of months, Jason was able to scale his business substantially and hire on an A+ team to help him reach incredible new heights. Jason is a Naturopathic Doctor on a journey to educate, empower, and treat those on their journey with digestive challenges. We hear how Jason went from an inconsistent client flow and increasing student debt to a more focused and directed program. This freedom provides the opportunity to help him focus on challenges of enrollment, website, and limiting beliefs. Jason can now provide a higher level of service to his patients, is creating a new level of freedom for himself, and is reaching a wider audience. We appreciate Jason’s serving the world in a wonderful and selfless way!

In this episode we talk about:

● Jason is a Naturopathic Doctor. He focuses on intestinal health and digestive issues and helps to provide an alternative to pharmaceutical drugs and surgery, focusing on herbal supplements, nutrition, and mindset.

● His passion is helping others achieve health even after they have tried other methods that have failed them.

● COD helped him narrow down what he wanted to do. He kept working at the system and stayed focused on the program, even though he didn’t get enrollments right away, and the consistency and hard work paid off.

● He reached out to COD originally due to inconsistent client flow, climbing student debt, and a general sense that things could be better. He liked the flexibility of working remotely and thinking outside the box in terms of moving more of his practice online.

● Having more certifications and education is great, but it doesn’t solve the marketing problems.

● He has surpassed his original goal of over $20,000 a month.

● Jason experienced a shift once he focused more on the outcome of helping others than on his number of Instagram followers or e-mail subscribers.

● He now has seven people working for him and takes great happiness in being a leader and good role model for his employees.

● Jason is at a point now where he is receptive and open to amazing opportunities.

● The five shifts:

1. Show up to serve above all else.

2. Put a system in place with measurable outcomes.

3. Create something in your life that runs as a system to help you get the outcomes.

4. Act before you believe you are ready.

5. Get help!

● Having your own business is a big opportunity for personal growth.

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