Season 1 • Episode 10

Do You Have What it Takes to Have A High-Ticket Offer?

On today’s show, we deconstruct exactly what it takes to command $3,000 – $10,000 prices… and how you can know if you should be charging more. We define a high-ticket price, what it takes to feel good about charging such a premium, and how high prices result in a deeper commitment and larger gain from participants. We explore why a mindset of focusing on the outcome of what you can deliver is so important when positioning your message. A 40-minute webinar can do more for your career than years spent authority building. Power and answers come when you embrace your doubt and uncertainty, come up with a clear vision of the outcome you provide for others, and move into action aligned with your values!

In this episode we talk about:

● We breakdown our definition of a high-ticket or premium price offer: a range between $3 – $10,000 on the front end.

● This large amount can be very terrifying for clients who are used to charging a smaller price or more small offers.

● There are a couple things that it takes to demand a premium price offer: First, it must be transformative and solve a major life or business challenge. This can mean helping people with nutrition, health, relationships, business blocks, etc.

● Often times people feel guilty or doubtful for charging so much. For example,  a relationship coach helping a couple stay married and keep a family intact is priceless.

● People show up to the program with the amount of commitment that the price level is based on. A program that charges high-ticket prices results in people showing up hungry and ready to work with skin in the game. You can also work with fewer clients and give more support and attention to your clients, instead of spreading your work too thin.

● Insider tip: Position what you do in terms of the outcome that you deliver. Example: “I help working moms in their 40s get in the best shape of their life.”

● Don’t get caught in the lie of believing you have to spend years proving your worth through certifications and credentials. We help our clients get across a message in a 40-minute webinar that normally would take years.

● It’s okay to feel uncertain, and most times it is not based on reality. As long as you don’t let fear stop you from moving forward and keeping in action, it’s a win.

● Answers come when you are focusing on your strength and talents.

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