Season 1 • Episode 7

The Formula and Mindset Shift That Lead to Financial Freedom and a Higher Impact

Our amazing client Kaneisha breaks down how she did over six figures in revenue while she was in Clients on Demand! Kaneisha’s business, The Art of Applying, is one of the top leaders in admissions consulting. Since 2010, they have impressively earned over $4.7 million in merit scholarships and fellowships and she and her team of Ivy League graduates know the inside track at every stage, beginning with the application process, editing essays, interview prep, and finally choosing what school is the best choice.

Kaneisha shares how joining Clients on Demand gave her the financial freedom, a shift in mindset and a formula to make triple figures in revenue in less than eight weeks with her signature high-ticket program and VIP super-lux program. Instead of giving her time, energy, and content away for less than she should, she uses her blog to showcase the amazing things happening in the company, like consultant spotlights and office updates. She builds authority through emails and webinars with such rockstar results that she now has over 100 people on a waiting list just to even talk to her.

She herself is a very high achiever with two degrees from Harvard and the honor of graduating with second-year honors. By applying her steps from her COD work in terms of getting clear on what it is she offers, listening with an open mind and shifting limiting beliefs into those of success and abundance. We love working with Kaneisha and appreciate the major life-changing impact she has had on so many people.

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